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About Springhealth Kickboxing

Together we can achieve anything.

Here at Springhealth Kickboxing we strive to create a community where everyone who walks through our doors immediately feels welcome. It becomes a home away from home, where you can train towards your goals and achieve things that you never thought were possible.

As soon as you walk in you'll be greeted by Anita as if you were long lost friends, you'll progress to classes where black belts, white belts and everyone in between trains together and you'll meet other likeminded people who are also falling in love with Kickboxing.

We pride ourselves on teaching great quality kickboxing, boxing and Tabata classes. Using experience gained over decades in the sport; shared and passed down through our instructors we aim to now pass this knowledge on to you.

We believe our secret lies in the fantastic atmosphere at the gym, which is generated through the shared enthusiasm from both the instructors and the students. We love what we do here at Springhealth and are very passionate about it... we hope you will be too.

When you first join us, we will guide you through our flexible kickboxing system. You will have the opportunity to take part in gradings which give you the chance to assess your level of improvement and progress to learn new skills.

As well as all the fitness benefits of kickboxing, you will also gain a valuable self-defence skill, increased confidence and you might also make a friend or two.

We have a really friendly vibe in our classes, as students pair up with each other which helps create a group bond as you progress through the grades and earn your belts.

Check out our upcoming New Beginner Kickboxing Courses here.



The Team


Audifax Kinga

Head Instructor

Starting kickboxing at the age of 19, he went on to establish himself as one of the top fighters in the UK and the world, winning numerous British and World titles, as well as a European title. Audi quickly developed as a fighter with natural athleticism and a passion for the sport. He is a clever, technical fighter with excellent ring craft; who possess a quiet determination and unrivalled work ethic which keep him at the top of his game. These traits are reflected in his teaching style, a class with Audi will push you, challenge you and keep you engaged and enthralled till the very end.

Audi is available for Personal Training.

Ali Snodgrass Springhealth Kickboxing

Ali Snodgrass

Senior Instructor

Ali first started kickboxing with Springhealth 18 years ago and during this time he has become an asset to the team regularly teaching several classes a week. Ali focuses on providing his students with clear instruction to achieve a high technical standard. He’s an advocate for good technical form and has limitless patience with his students. His classes are fast paced, will keep you on your toes and are always fun.

Alan Barnett Springhealth Kickboxing

Alan (Twizzel) Barnett

Senior Instructor

Alan (Twizzel) Barnett has been a part of the Springhealth family for 13 years, in this time he’s achieved his Black belt and proven himself to be not only a great kickboxer but a great teacher. His open, honest and encouraging teaching style pulls the best out of his students in a friendly, nurturing way. Alan’s classes are often technique focused and he always provides his students with the finer details.

Alan is available for Personal Training.

Aaron Anthony Springhealth Kickboxing

Aaron Anthony

Senior Instructor

Aaron might be the youngest member of the Springhealth team, but having started his training about 5 years ago, he’s has already achieved his second advanced belt (blue 2) and has worked his way up to instructor level, is a qualified personal trainer and now has his own regular signature class and students. Aaron took to Kickboxing very quickly and immediately threw himself into the sport. This year he has his sights set on continuing his progression by competing at national level (2019).

Aaron is available for Personal Training.



Assistant Instructor

Laurence Kraszewski Springhealth Kickboxing

Laurence Kraszewski

Assistant Instructor

Laurence joined Springhealth in 2015 and achieved his first Blue belt last year (2017). Having shown enthusiasm and dedication to the sport Laurence took steps towards learning to teach and is now one of our fulltime teaching assistants. We have no doubt that he has his sights set on achieving more belts and progressing to teaching his own classes in the future.

Alex Lawson Springhealth Kickboxing

Alex Lawson

Head Instructor

Springhealth kickboxing gym was founded in 1998 by Alex Lawson. With over 25 years in the sport he is both highly regarded and well respected. Alex is not only a well-rounded and gifted fighter with many titles to his name, he is also an accomplished teacher with more than enough dynamism and energy for both himself and his students. He possesses limitless enthusiasm and a keen eye for crisp technique which he passes on through his teaching.

Luke Brenner-Roach Springhealth Kickboxing

Luke Brenner-Roach

Senior Instructor

Luke has been a part of the Springhealth family for 12 years and has established himself a key member of the team. Luke likes to challenge his students; whether its mentally, physically or both, his classes are always demanding. One week you could be drilling down the fundamentals with precision, the next battling through a gruelling circuit. There’s always a reason behind what he does, and he likes to explore the different ways we can do things and the why behind them.

Luke is available for Personal Training.

Liam Carter Springhealth Kickboxing

Liam Carter

Boxing Instructor

Liam joined us 6 years ago and has achieved his second advanced belt in this time. Liam comes with a wealth of experience in Boxing. Having trained from a young age, he boasts 23 years of Boxing in the ABA’s and also competed in the London championships. Liam puts his vast amounts of boxing knowledge into practice every Friday in our Boxing class. A class with Liam will give a deeper understanding of footwork and how to use it, his old school circuits and bag work will leave you gasping for breath but feeling pumped and ready to take on the world.

William Breakey

William Breakey

Assistant Instructor

William has been at Springhealth for a little more than 10 years and in this time he has progressed to become a frequent fixture in assisting classes. William has a straightforward approach to assisting with clear concise instruction and a lot of encouragement.



Assistant Instructor

Anita Kinga Springhealth Kickboxing

Anita Kinga

Receptionist & Office Manager

Anita Kinga has been a part of Springhealth for 6 years. Sister to owner Audifax and adopted sister to the rest of us. Anita is a fountain of knowledge for all things Springhealth, with an abundance of energy, patience, joy and encouragement; she is the smiling face that often greets you as you come in. Though don’t let this fool you, she has a mean right cross and after achieving one her 2018 New Years resolutions of training with Anthony Joshua, we expect to see her grading for her next belt soon.


Facilities and Equipment

Fully Matted, Punch Bags, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machine, Weights Bench, Dumbbell Rack, Squat Rack & Olympic Bar with Weight Plates, Battle Rope & Kettle Bells, Hand Pads and Kick Shields, Gloves and Protective Gear, Changing Rooms, Shower facilities.