Beginners Courses

The 6 week Kickboxing & Boxing courses are designed to teach the foundation techniques of the sport while developing an overall improvement in fitness. In the kickboxing course you’ll be taught the first four kicks, four punches and the basic defensive movements of our system. In the boxing course you’ll be taught the first six punches and the basic defensive movements of our boxing system . From the very first sessions you’ll be taught how to pad in a safe and controlled manner. There are at least 2-4 instructors that take each course so there is plenty of feedback and encouragement throughout. Once completed you can progress to the next courses and various other mixed ability sessions.

Curriculum based (white, red & adv)

Our curriculum is 8 tiered, from White (novice) to Red (intermediate) and through to Blue/Brown/Black (advanced). The classes enable students to work through the grading system and attain the belts. Being awarded a belt is a great achievement and gives our students a focus for their training. These courses introduce and develop technique and are also in themselves excellent total body workouts. Classes are run by two instructors.

Kick n' Stretch

Designed to enhance all aspects of your kicking skills. An intense session that’s great for toning and strengthening legs and core. We finish each session with a sustained stretch to increase flexibility and suppleness.


Most of our sparring is touch or light contact so every member of Springhealth is welcome to give it a go – it’s great fun! We also have special sparring sessions for fighters who want to prepare for competition. Sparring enables students a chance to test and develop their skills in a controlled environment. We also run a Learn to Spar course where you’re taught the fundamentals of the contact sport with other novices.


Tabata is the most effective type of high intensity interval training. It’s one of the most intensive workouts available, rapidly producing fitness benefits from fat loss to enhanced athletic performance and anaerobic capacity. We commonly use 4-7 different exercises per session that last for 4 minutes each (20/10 sec cycles). We currently have 7 Tabata sessions a week that vary in intensity and focus.

#Cardio Sculpt-High Tempo circuit designed to keep the heart rate up and get that body ready for the beach.

#Cardio & Plyo-Jumping, Jumping and more Jumping…You get the idea! Plus we throw in a couple of upper body drills to give the legs a brief period of respite.

#Strength-Designed to develop whole body strength and power using weights and body weight.

#Strength & Plyo-A mixed session designed to target the major muscle groups by using weights and jumping based exercises.

#Power & Agility-Explosive power drills with speed and agility drills thrown in for good measure…Ladders, cones, hurdles & TRX ll used along with weights.

All sessions end with a 5-10 minute ab circuit.

Warrior Workout

90 mins of intense endurance drills based on the Warrior Workout system of Martin Rooney (MMA expert). Working in pairs students encourage their partners as they alternate through various exercise over 3-4 minute periods. There are 10 exercises that are focused on in each session that provide an all over body workout. We record the scores each month so it is possible to see the improvements made.

If you want to build strength, improve conditioning, lose fat and or gain muscle, the Warrior Workout will deliver results.

Smash 'n Core

Quite simply a chance for students to throw power shots on the pads, shields and bags to help relieve the stresses of London living! Build up a sweat while the music blares! Based on simple kickboxing/ boxing combinations of high intensity impact drills. At the end of the session we throw in a 15 minute core conditioning circuit – just to finish you off!

Strength Conditioning

Strength conditioning sessions enable students to become faster, stronger, more flexible and build muscular endurance so they perform better and avoid injuries. Sessions often involve a variety of methods and equipment from free weights, TRX, kettle bells, Swiss balls and plyometrics. No one session is ever the same and you’ll see results very quickly.

The Rush

High intensity interval training. Push your body through a fast flowing combination of dynamic conditioning circuits involving plyometrics, cardio resistance and isometrics drills.


  • 18.15 White 1
  • 18.25 TABATA
  • 19.15 White belts
  • 19.15 Red/advanced
  • 20.15 Smash and Core
  • 20.15 New Beginners 2nd March


  • 18.15 New beginners 3rd February
  • 18.25 Sparring
  • 19.15 White Belts
  • 19.15 Red/advanced
  • 20.15 TABATA
  • 20.15 White 1


  • 18.15 White 1
  • 18.25 Mixed Ability KB Workout
  • 19.15 White belts
  • 19.15 Red/advanced
  • 20.15 Springhealth SWEAT bootcamp
  • 20.15 New beginners 2nd March


  • 18.15 New beginners 3rd February
  • 18.15 Kick and Stretch
  • 19.15 White Belts
  • 19.15 Red/advanced
  • 20.15 TABATA
  • 20.15 White 1


  • 18:30 TABATA
  • 19:00 Old Skool Boxing


  • 10:30 Warrior Workout (90 mins first Saturday of the month)
  • 11:00 TABATA (except first Saturday of the month)
  • 12:00 Mixed Ability Kickboxing Workout
  • 13:00 Sparring
  • 13:00 Learn To Spar (4 week cycle)
  • 14:00 All Kickboxing Beginners


Open for personal training.
Call 020 7700 3633.

Personal Training & Total Body Wellbeing

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, improve your stamina or develop your martial art skills, personal training is the best and quickest way to get there. With a program that is tailored to your own needs we can help you achieve your goals.

Dietary and nutritional weight-loss programs are available from our resident Naturopathic physician, Sevi Lawson BSc, MRN. Combining personal training with an individualised eating plan can speed up the results and leave you feeling healthy in both body and mind. This holistic approach is central to what we do at Springhealth.

Personal training sessions can be booked at any time throughout the week.
Call or email us to arrange a session at a time that suits you or to just chat about your needs.

Head Instructors
Single session (1 hour): £70 Block of 6: £399, Block of 12: £756, Block of 24:£1344

Gym Instructors
Single session (1 hour): £60 Block of 6: £342, Block of 12: £648, Block of 24: £1152

Naturopathic consultation to include lifestyle/dietary review and nutritional plan:
£125 First consultation (90mins), follow up £90 (60mins)
Please visit for more info.

Next Beginners Class

Fancy Giving Kickboxing or Tabata a go? Then Contact us for a free taster session

Our next 6 week Kickboxing beginners courses start on:

1-Tuesday 3rd February at 6.15pm

Running on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.15pm and Saturdays at 2pm -------------------FULLY BOOKED

2-Monday 2nd March at 8.15pm

Running on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8.15pm and Saturdays at 2pm

3-Tuesday 31st March at 8.15pm

Running on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.15pm and Saturdays at 2pm

The six week Kickboxing courses costs £135 (17 sessions), or £12 a session pay as you go.

We offer a 10% discount on the course fees if you pay on or before the first night. We also pro-rata the fee down if you start a course part way through.
Call us on 020 7700 3633 to book your place.

Where to find us.

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Tel: 020 7700 3633