Together we can achieve anything.


We decided to build a community where everyone would feel at home away from home. where you can train and achieve goals that you never thought were possible and feel comfortable doing it(there might be some sweat and pain though)-your goals should be unrealistic they say. When you walk through the door and see Anita's face and she says hello to you like if you'd known each other for years. Where when a newbie trains with a black belt, they fell like if they had been training for years. And on top of that, we teach great kickboxing, tabata and circuit classes, using the experience and knowledge we have gained from teaching everyone that walks through our doors and we keep trying to learn from our students as much as they learn from us, how to give them the best experience a kickboxing gym is supposed to have. We do this because we love it, and we hope you will.

Come down and try a session.

We will guide you through a flexible kickboxing system. our secret lies behind the fantastic atmosphere at the club, which is generated by the shared enthusiasm from both the instructors and students. we will try and cater to everybody's individual needs and requirements. on top of all the fitness benefits, it will provide you with a valuable self-defence skill, confidence and you might make a friend or two.

Goal Oriented Training

What really separates and lifts Springhealth Kickboxing as a fitness form is the interest level sustained by the people who do it. It becomes addictive, it becomes a passion! Our grading system will guide you through your training and give you frequent opportunities to assess your level of improvement and learn new skills. We have a really friendly vibe, as students pair up during sessions, creating a group bond as they develop through the grades.