Workout Wednesday #1


These weekly workouts are designed to maximise efficiency. Therefore, they will be kept simple, utilising exercises and methods you can do in the gym, at home, in the park or even whilst travelling.

The first part in this new instalment of weekly workouts will be a Tabata circuit.

Tabata is a variation of Hiit Training (High Intensity Interval Training) and is an extremely efficient tool for developing cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

The exercises in this week’s Tabata are:

1.Lunge Jumps

Stand with your feet hip width apart, take a step forward with one leg, when you bend the back knee your legs should both be at approximate right angles. Both sets of toes should point forward with the front foot flat and the weight of the back leg being supported by the ball of the back foot.

Once in this position, to perform a lunge jump, bend the back until it’s an inch or so from the floor, explode up pushing through the feet, in mid-air switch the legs bringing one foot forward whilst taking the other one back, land and immediately descend towards the floor until the back knee is an inch or so from the floor. Repeat for desired time/reps.


Squat down into a ball bringing your heels off the floor as your chest comes to your knees and you place your hands on either side of your legs. Jump both feet together backwards behind you so that you are holding a press up position. Jump the feet back in together underneath the body and then jump up, straightening the body as you move upwards. As you land back on your feet immediately begin to descend back into the ball position. Repeat for desired time/reps.

3.Press Ups with Alternating Dumbbell (DB) Row

Grab 2 DBs of the same weight and hold one in each hand.

With a DB in each hand get into a press up position. Perform a press up, then proceed to balance on one hand whilst you pull the DB on the other side upwards bringing the DB to the side of your body. Place the hand back down and repeat the movement with the other hand. Once the second hand is back on the floor, begin to descend into a press up again. Repeat for desired time/reps.

4.Battle Rope 2 Arm Wave

Holding an end of the battle rope in each hand. Take your feet approx. shoulder width apart, bend the knees slightly, keep your back straight. From this position wave your arms up and down in unison, trying to keep a steady rhythm to cause a rippling down the rope to its base anchor point. Repeat for desired time/reps.

Now you know the exercises and how to do them, we need the timings. For this Tabata we will be using the standard format.

  • A whole set for one exercise will take 4 minutes.

  • This is broken down into 4 x 30 second blocks.

  • These blocks consist of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.

  • These 30 second blocks are repeated continuously until you reach the 4 minute mark (8 sets).

  • You then rest for 1 minute before repeating the same format with next exercise.

  • Repeat the whole process until you’ve completed all the exercises.

This particular circuit has 4 exercises, including the 1 minute rest in between the whole thing should take you 20 mins, add in 10 minutes for warming up and cooling down and you can get a whole body workout done in 30 minutes!

So there you go, it's simple as that! Why not give it a try...

We'd love to know how you get on with it.

The Springhealth Team