Workout Wednesday #37

Strength & Conditioning Circuit

Mixing strength and cardiovascular exercises in the same circuit can be an extremely effective way to improve fitness levels and is always guaranteed to provide a challenging workout. Be sure to prioritize good form and put any big compound lifts at the beginning and allow adequate rest between sets.

Exercises & Reps

Deadlift - 1 to 3 Reps

Prioritize good form over repetitions.

Med Ball Slams - 10 Reps

Choose a heavy medicine ball and focus on slamming with as much force as possible.

Press Ups - 30 Reps

Full range of movement press ups, bringing the chest an inch from the floor each time.

Squat Thrusts - 25 Reps

Shoulders should be above hands which are shoulder width apart. Knees should come up to the elbows and the hips should be tucked in, in the forward position.

Speed Skipping - 40 Seconds

Go as fast as you can and try and sustain that speed throughout the whole 40 seconds.

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Complete 10 rounds in total

That’s it for this week. Give this circuit a try and keep an eye out for some more just like it coming soon.

The Springhealth Team