Workout Wednesday #33

100 Plus

This weeks workout utilizes 3 key exercises, hitting the whole body. We work exclusively with bodyweight and aim to perform as many reps as possible until we reach our target of 100 on our most difficult exercise.

The Workout

Exercise 1: Any variation of pull up or chin up

Exercise 2: Any variation of press ups

Exercise 3: Alternate lunge jumps

Pick the hardest exercise for you. This will be the exercise you complete 100 reps with and will mark the end of the workout when you do.

Cycle continuously between the 3 exercises in the order written above. Complete as many reps as you can, then move onto the next exercise. Prioritise good technique over number repetitions.

Make sure you write down and add up your numbers as you go.

It is likely Exercise 2 & 3 will reach several hundred reps depending on your ability to perform pull ups.

How many sets did it take you to complete the workout? What were your highest numbers?

Lets us know.

The Springhealth Team.