Workout Wednesday #32

A lower body focussed workout today. Using only bodyweight exercises, this workout can be done anywhere! It's also great as a finisher to any kickboxing or strength workout.

Exercises & Timings

Exercise 1: Alternate Lunge Jumps x 1 minute

Exercise 2: Low Lunge Hold - Left x 30 seconds

Exercise 3: Low Lunge Hold - Right x 30 seconds

Exercise 4: Squat Jumps x 1 minute

Exercise 5: Wall Sit or Low Squat Hold x 1 minute

Exercise 6: Long Jump into a Tuck Jump x 1 minute

(bend the knees and jump forward, as soon as you land explode upwards on the spot into a tuck jump bringing the knees up in front of your body towards the shoulders, land, reset your body and repeat.)

Exercise 7: Squat Thrusters x 30 seconds

Bonus: Burpees x 1 minute

Rest for 60-90 seconds between sets.

Complete 3 sets.

This workout will induce shaky and wobbly legs, be careful when leaving the gym when you're done. :-)

The Springhealth Team