Workout Wednesday #30

Shifting focus slightly from the last 2 weeks, today we're looking at an explosive workout. Let's jump straight in!


Exercise 1: Sprints x 10 Reps/Lengths

The prescribed number of lengths/repetitions is based on a short distance of approximately 15 meters. If you are training outdoors or have access to larger indoor space, adjust the repetitions based on the distance of each sprint. 

Exercise 2: Box Jumps Overs x 10 Reps

Using a hurdle, box, step or anything else which you can jump over. Set up a height that you could fairly comfortably jump onto and use this as your hurdle to jump over.

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Squat & Clean x 10 Reps

Pick a weight which will challenge you but will not force you to sacrifice form. The movements should be explosive but full control should be maintained at all times.


Rest for 120 seconds (2 minutes) between sets.

Complete 4 sets.

Another Workout Wednesday down. How many of our workouts have you completed?

Got a favourite? Let us know!

The Springhealth Team