Workout Wednesday #25

Workout Wednesday is back and this week we have a short but brutal little circuit for you.


6-8 Reps

3-5 Reps

20 Seconds

To Failure



Squat & Press


Battle Rope

L-sit or Hanging Leg Raises


Aim to use weights that will allow you to complete your chosen repetitions but leave you with no more than 1 repetition left in the tank when you hit it.

Battle ropes should be performed at maximum intensity for the entire 20 seconds.

Hold the L-sit position until failure permitting you have a base strength that will allow you a minimum of 20 seconds or more, otherwise complete hanging leg raise or regress to hanging knee raises if needed.

Rest for 3-5 minutes between sets.

Complete 5 rounds.

*Please do not attempt this circuit if you are not comfortable and familiar with the exercises and remember form and technique above all else.

We'd love to know how you get on!

The Springhealth Team