Workout Wednesday #15

Core Strengthening & Punching Power

Today's workout out is part 1 of 2 coming over the next 2 weeks.

These 2 workouts will look at exercises we can utilise to increase core stability, rotational strength and striking power.

The Workout

The Exercises

Side Hop Medicine Ball Throws

Wood Chopper Slams

Resistance Band Twists

Medicine Ball Standing Wall Throws

Resistance Band Punching (Jab & Cross)


Reps & Sets

4x6 Reps each side

4x4 Reps each side

3x10 Reps each side

3x20 Reps

3x8 Reps each side 

Warm up thoroughly before starting this workout.

The weight/resistance needs to be challenging but maintaining correct form is crucial throughout the exercises.

Each rep should be performed at maximum effort and intensity.

Rest between 1-2 minutes between sets.

Exercise Explanations

Side Hop Medicine Ball Throws

Stand sideways on to a solid wall with your feet about shoulder width apart.Hold the ball between both hands at about chest height, the arm furthest from the wall should be parallel to the floor with the the other arm used to support the ball.  Laterally hop away from the wall, when you land begin to rotate towards the wall driving the medicine ball towards the wall as hard as you can. Pick up the medicine ball and repeat for desired reps.

Wood Chopper Slams

Start with your feet about shoulder width apart about shoulder width distance from a solid wall. Hold the ball between your hands at stomach height. Rotate downwards to the same side as the wall, bringing the ball next to your ankle with straight arms and rotating on the opposite foot inwards. From this position drive upwards rotating across your body taking the ball to the other side above your head (think of an X, your tracing one line of an X). From this position drive back across and down slamming the ball into the wall. Pick up the medicine ball and repeat for desired reps.

Resistance Band/Cable Twists

With straight arms at stomach height you're going to be rotating across your body in a semi-circle motion. Start by standing with your feet approximately shoulder width apart, hold onto the band with both hands. Rotate across your body away from the starting point (this part of the movement should be explosive but controlled, try to generate some speed). Control and fight the resistance as you rotate back to the start position. Repeat for desired reps.

Medicine Ball Standing Wall Throws

Stand in front on a solid wall, with your feet about shoulder width apart. The medicine ball should be held at about stomach height and you should be about shoulder width distance from the wall. You're going to rotate side to side, slamming the ball into the wall each time you reach the centre. For example, if you start with the ball on your left side, rotate across your body and slam the ball into the wall as you reach the centre, catch the ball, turn to the right and rotate back inwards slamming the ball in to the wall again. Try to build a rhythm with this exercise as you work through your reps.

Resistance Band/Cable Punching (Jab & Cross)

Standing in stance, holding the band in the desired hand, throw either a Jab or a Cross, focus on correct technique in terms on body movement and balance, aiming to generate speed in the extension of the arm as you rotate, making sure to control the resistance as you come back into stance.

*If you're unsure about how to perform any of these exercises, please seek help from a professional or find an instructional video. These exercises are performed at your own risk.

So there you have it, a workout to improve core stability, strength and rotational power.

Stay tuned for part 2 next week.

The Springhealth Team