November Update

Learn to Spar/Developmental Sparring Class

Date & Time:

Wednesday 14th November & Wednesday 28th November at 8:15 PM

This class will cover the basics for those new to sparring and go over some more extensive drills for those who want to develop their skills. 

Please register your interest by signing up at reception.


The class will only run with a minimum of 5 people or more.

All sparring gear is required. 

November Muay Thai Class 

Time & Date:

Wednesday 21st November at 6:15 PM

Kan is back with another Muay Thai class this month. It will involve lots of new techniques and give a different side to the kickboxing martial art.

Please sign up at reception. 

Advanced Belt Gradings

There will be a few advanced belt gradings this months. 

These grading involve public sparring on a Saturday, so please save the dates and come down to support the graders as well as seeing what the advanced grading entails. 

Saturday 10th November: BLACK BELT GRADING

Kan, Victoria and Luke. 

Each of them will complete 7/8x2 minute rounds, facing a fresh opponent each round.

Note: Luke is leaving us soon, so this will be his last public grading - don't miss it!

Saturday 17th November: BLUE BELT GRADING 

Gioseppe, Paul, Jack, Chris, Simran and Andy 

Each of them will complete 3x2 minute rounds, facing a fresh opponent each round.

Come down and show our support. Shout, cheer, boo, eat some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Luke is leaving us for a new adventure 

After 12 years with us, it is with tears in my eyes that I have to say Luke will be leaving us for the next chapter in his life. I could write an endless note here, but I'll keep it simple and just say from the bottom of Springhealth’s heart, we thank you for all the wonderful years we were able to share and good luck on your next adventure.


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That’s all for this month.

The Springhealth Team