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5 Ways To Explore A Flexible Approach To Eating

Flexible eating is all the rage at the moment, with a focus on health and sustainability, more and more people are adopting vegetarian and vegans diets or incorporating some of the concepts from these styles of eating into their own.

This adoption of a more open approach to plant-based eating has led to the term ‘Flexitarian’ being used by people to describe their way of eating.

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What is Wellness

Wellness - a term we've all heard a million times but probably don't truly understand what it means. What is it, aside from the buzzword of the moment, that thing everyone on Instagram seems to be talking about and the concept all companies want to adopt.

I believe we all have some notion of what wellness is - at least to ourselves - almost instinctually. Though, in my experience, my view was somewhat limited when compared to the true scope of what wellness means. Wellness encompasses several areas, also known as dimensions. Each one contributes to your overall Wellness, in this month's post we will explore these dimensions and consider what wellness really means.

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How To Form Lasting Habits

Habits are actions that we perform automatically as part of our daily routine, triggered by cues in our environment, such as time or place. They're actions, such as making a coffee as soon as you wake up or brushing your teeth before bed. Habits can also be used to encompass behaviours or actions which happen automatically such as driving, where the behaviour is instinctual and we are able to focus on other things simultaneously. To be able to create new habits is key to incorporating specific actions or behaviors into our lives which will have a positive impact. If we can integrate them to a point where we no longer have to consciously think about completing them, we have formed a habit.

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Sleep: Are you getting enough of it?

Two-thirds of adults in developed nations fail to obtain the nightly eight hours of sleep recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Needless to say, in this modern world we live in, with all its demands and stimulations we are a collective of overtired and sleepless individuals. Most of us do not get as much sleep as we should, and this can have numerous negative affects on our mental and physical state.

Sleep is a key component in the overall health of any individual and is vital for recovery and performance. It can affect our mood, appetite, decision making, reactions and how quickly we reach exhaustion during exercise.

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Pushing through the pain barrier and dealing with fatigue during exercise.

Pushing through pain and discomfort and dealing with fatigue when exercising can be a difficult and daunting process. This article aims to try and address what makes this difficult, what stops us, what strategies we can use to help get better at this and what kind of thoughts can both help and hinder our ability to do this.

We spend the majority of our time focussing on the physicality of exercise and we don’t often assess or explore the mental side of it and how it can affect our performance.

This article will be broken down into 4 sections, following the same format of discussion that was used within the classes we ran on the same topic.

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Fitness Trackers: Friend or Foe

The rise of wearable technology, namely fitness trackers in the form of wrist bands or watches has been staggering. With most people either wearing one or knowing someone who does and gyms around the world full of people getting the latest stats on their workouts in real time. It would be a lie to say they don't have benefits but it would also be foolish to ignore the downsides too.

This months blog aims to open a discussion on the positive and negative effects of fitness trackers, their associated technology and whether these relationships are potentially detrimental to our health or not.

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8 Reasons to Start Kickboxing (with Springhealth)

It's January, the New Year is now officially here and we've just remembered that it's time to stick to that New Year's resolution we promised we'd actually do this year! Whether it was to get fit, try something new, kick some ass or to meet more like-minded people we're going to make sure we do it, 2018 is the year! If you're in similar position, here are 8 reasons why you should start Kickboxing and how it could help with all of those New Year resolutions and if you don't have a resolution, here are 8 reasons why you should start anyway!

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Welcome To Springhealth's Blog

We're very excited to be sharing this new feature with you and look forward to bringing you some great content.

So, whether you’re a regular, new member or here to check out one of our New Beginners Kickboxing Courses, a Tabata Class, Yoga class or you’ve just stumbled across our Blog and stopped to have a quick read, welcome!

Our first ever blog post will give you a little more insight into the two pillars of our gym, Alex and Audi; a bit of their history and also our philosophy here at Springhealth.

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