8 Reasons to Start Kickboxing (with Springhealth)

8 Reasons to Start Kickboxing (with Springhealth)

It's January, the New Year is now officially here and we've just remembered that it's time to stick to that New Year's resolution we promised we'd actually do this year! Whether it was to get fit, try something new, kick some ass or to meet more like-minded people we're going to make sure we do it, 2018 is the year! If you're in similar position, here are 8 reasons why you should start Kickboxing and how it could help with all of those New Year resolutions and if you don't have a resolution, here are 8 reasons why you should start anyway!

1. Confidence

Kickboxing is an effective self-defence skill and by the time you’ve completed a beginners course you’ll have a solid base in the fundamental aspects of the sport. You’ll have made impressive gains in your cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance. You will be feeling fitter and starting to see the positive effects it has had on your body and your posture. All these positive benefits will leave you feeling on top of the world and brimming with confidence.

2. Fun

You’ll be having some much fun you won’t even realise how hard you’re working. The dynamic nature of a kickboxing class keeps you on your toes (quite literally bouncing), keeps your mind engaged and your body challenged. Here at Springhealth, a large portion of the class will be spent pairing up with your classmates, practicing techniques and combinations together, this generates a very social atmosphere; guaranteed to generate a few laughs.

3. Get fit

Kickboxing is whole body workout. Utilising both punching and kick techniques with the legs and hips as the driving force to generate power. The frequent rotational elements of kickboxing will have your core muscles working consistently. Add this to the circuits and drills peppered throughout the class and you have a complete whole-body workout.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is large component of kickboxing and takes up a portion of each class. Utilising different methods of stretching at the beginning of the class compared to the end is an important factor, our muscles need to be ‘stretched’ differently depending on whether we are beginning or finishing our workout. Stretching helps our muscles recover from a tough class, reduces soreness and increases the length of our muscles allowing us to move more freely.

5. Core strength

In kickboxing you will work your core almost all the time, without even realising! As all power is generated through the rotation of the body we are actively contracting or bracing our core to help us rotate and stabilise whilst we do so. As the core plays such a big role in kickboxing you will find yourself often completing core specific strengthening exercises within the class too.

6. Make friends

We believe in not just providing top quality kickboxing training but also providing students with an environment that they feel relaxed in, they can have fun in, have a laugh and thrive in; regardless of your reasons for training with us. It is this culture which keeps people coming back to our gym. All our beginners courses stay together for 6 weeks, allowing students to form a bond as you progress through the weeks.

7. Relieve Stress

Ever had such a stressful day and wish you had an effective and healthy outlet for all that built up frustration? Look no further. Take it from me, there is nothing better than seeing some friendly faces, hitting the pads, working out with a friend and sweating your ass off to help you forget about the awful day you just had. Don’t believe us? Come down and see for yourself.

8. Improved co-ordination and balance

Bouncing, rotating, jumping, spinning, kicking, punching. It’s no wonder a by-product of kickboxing is improved co-ordination and balance. You’ll be spinning on one leg, throwing multiple kicks and bouncing gracefully around the mats in no time… don’t worry we all looked like a baby gazelle at one point or another but you will be surprised at how quickly your body adapts to the fast paced nature of kickboxing where we switch between punches, kicks, defensive movements and footwork seamlessly.

Can you think of any more reasons? We'd love to hear your reasons for starting kickboxing! Leave us a comment below.

The Springhealth Team