Workout Wednesday #2


The second part in this new instalment of weekly workouts will be a Bag circuit.

Bag circuits are a great way to build sport specific cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.

This week focuses on the upper body, utilising punching drills. This circuit can be done on its own or as a finisher at the end of a class or longer workout.

  • Each round lasts 1 minute.
  • Each minute is split into 3 x 20 second segments of work.
  • Starting with Running Straight Punches, then 1, 2 Punches in stance focusing on speed, then 1, 2 punches in stance focusing on power.
  • This is followed by a 1 minute Plank hold as an active rest.
  • Repeat for 3-5 rounds.

With only a total workout time of 6 -10 minutes that will leave your heart pounding and your shoulders aching, there is no reason no to try this circuit!

Are you up for the challenege? Why not give it a try...

We'd love to know how you get on with it.

The Springhealth Team