Welcome To Springhealth's Blog

Welcome to Springhealth's first ever blog!

We're very excited to be sharing this new feature with you and look forward to bringing you some great content.

So, whether you’re a regular, new member or here to check out one of our New Beginners Kickboxing Courses, a Tabata Class, Yoga class or you’ve just stumbled across our Blog and stopped to have a quick read, welcome!

Our first ever blog post will give you a little more insight into the two pillars of our gym, Alex and Audi; a bit of their history and also our philosophy here at Springhealth.


Springhealth kickboxing gym was founded in 1998 by Alex Lawson. Alex Lawson is a world title holder and numerous time British champion; with over 25 years in the sport he is both highly regarded and well respected. Alex is not only a well-rounded and gifted fighter with many titles to his name, he is also an accomplished teacher with more than enough dynamism and energy for both himself and his students.He possesses limitless enthusiasm and a keen eye for crisp technique which he passes on through his teaching. Over the years Alex has worked with the Wako GB Kickboxing Team, run a successful kickboxing gym; teaching thousands of students, the occasional famous person (no name dropping), in schools and run kid’s classes. Although Alex has now stepped down as owner, he still remains an integral part of the Springhealth family.

FUN FACT: Alex is a twin and 1 of 3 brothers, all of whom have had successful careers in kickboxing. He and his twin Stuart Lawson appeared together in a Guinness Advert. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K00JaCNDRc

Audifax Kinga (or Audi as he is known) is a protégé of Springhealth and it's current owner.

Starting kickboxing at the age of 19, he went on to establish himself as one of the top fighters in the UK and the world, winning  numerous British and World titles, as well as a European title. Audi quickly developed as a fighter with natural athleticism and a passion for the sport. He is a clever, technical fighter with excellent ring craft; who possess a quiet determination and unrivalled work ethic which keep him at the top of his game. These traits are reflected in his teaching style, a class with Audi will push you, challenge you and keep you engaged and enthralled till the very end.

FUN FACT: Audi, along with Alex and Stuart Lawson appeared as extras in a scene of the Jet Li Film Unleashed dnd met the legend Morgan Freeman!! You can see the picture hanging up behind reception in the gym.

Springhealth Kickboxing Morgan Freeman Jet Li Unleashed


Our Philosophy

Here at Springhealth Kickboxing we strive to create a community where everyone who walks through our doors immediately feels welcome. It becomes a home away from home, where you can train towards your goals and achieve things that you never thought were possible.

We pride ourselves on teaching great quality kickboxing classes. Using experience gained over decades in the sport; shared and passed down through our instructors which we now aim to now pass onto you. We believe our secret lies in the fantastic atmosphere at the gym, which is generated through the shared enthusiasm from both the instructors and the students.

We love what we do here at Springhealth and are very passionate about it.. we hope you will be too.

Here’s how Audi Kinga summed up his experience of being at Springhealth:

“When I walked into Springhealth for the first time, it wasn’t about Kickboxing itself that made me feel good, it was the people I trained with and how everyone banded together to make sure we all had an enjoyable workout. From then on, we knew when to push each other and when to laugh at our mistakes. That’s what I believe a gym should be, it’s about the community making you better whilst you enjoy what you do and who knows where that can take you!”

It is this ethos, this feeling of being accepted and welcomed by like minded people all working towards the same goal that epitomises Springhealth and in our eyes separates us from all other gyms.

Why don’t you come and try it out for yourself…

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Springhealth Team