Workout Wednesday #29

Workout Wednesday is back! I can't believe we're already on number 29, that means we've been going strong for 29 weeks!

This week we stick with circuits, you can complete this whole body workout in less than 25 minutes, making it a great option for days where you're pushed for time or at the end of another workout as a finisher.

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How To Form Lasting Habits

Habits are actions that we perform automatically as part of our daily routine, triggered by cues in our environment, such as time or place. They're actions, such as making a coffee as soon as you wake up or brushing your teeth before bed. Habits can also be used to encompass behaviours or actions which happen automatically such as driving, where the behaviour is instinctual and we are able to focus on other things simultaneously. To be able to create new habits is key to incorporating specific actions or behaviors into our lives which will have a positive impact. If we can integrate them to a point where we no longer have to consciously think about completing them, we have formed a habit.

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