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How to find us.

We are located at the Camden Road end of York Way. We are the doorway located between the Nisa Local and the Chemist.

Basement Unit 3 & 4, 400-404 York Way, London, N7 9LR




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how is your new beginners kickboxing course structured?

Our new beginners courses run over a 6-week period. Consisting of 3 sessions a week (2 weekday and 1 Saturday), this is a total of 17 sessions. We advise students to try and make a minimum of 2 per week. Each week you will be introduced to new techniques following our structured and progressive system. At the end of the 6 weeks you will have the opportunity to grade for your first belt.

what is tabata?

The traditional Tabata format consists of 20 seconds of 100% effort in a given exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, this 30 second set is repeated 8 times before you take 1 minutes rest and move on to the next exercise. Tabata in this format normally consists of 4-6 exercises and aims at working both your cardiovascular endurance and strength. Tabata is typically a whole body work out.

What should i wear in my first class?

In kickboxing it is important to wear clothing which allows you to move freely. We recommend loose fitting shorts or trousers, leggings with a t-shirt or vest top.

What can i expect in my first beginners kickboxing class?

In your very first kickboxing class you will be guided through a structured class which will include the following elements. Mobilisation & warm up > breakdown and teaching of techniques > rounds of padwork with a partner > some strength & endurance drills > warm down & stretch. All students are encouraged to work at their own pace and all exercises can be adapted by our instructors to be made easier, harder or changed to accomodate for injury. You will be taught the fundamental techniques of kickboxing with additional instructors on hand to guide and assist you.

If i already have some martial arts experience do i need to do your beginners course?

If you already have some martial arts experience you will need to contact us so we can discuss this with you in more detail and find the best class for you try. After trialling a class we will be able to better place you dependant on your level.

when can i start sparring?

In order to start sparring you must achieve your White 2 belt, have all neccesary sparring equipment and complete our 'Learn to Spar' course.

What facilities do you have at the gym?

We have seperate Male and Female changing rooms, equipped with sink, toilet and showers. We sell water at reception if you need it, as well as other stock items. We also have a first aid kit at reception.