Combining martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio, kickboxing is a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories, shred fat and leave you feeling elated and fulfilled!

“It’s a whole body, super efficient workout. Kickboxing alone burns up to 750 calories in an hour,” says Alex Lawson, founder of Springhealth. “Add in jump rope, conditioning drills and functional training, you could burn up to and beyond 1000 calories.” 

By using gloves, pads and kick shields, as opposed to simply air boxing, you'll burn even more calories and increase core strength.

Our beginners course takes you through the fundamental kickboxing techniques. Over the six weeks, you will learn both western punching techniques and eastern martial arts kicking and striking methods. Every session is based around improving these techniques, aerobic capacity and strength. This combined with co-ordination and flexibility drills and the concentration that goes with it should leave you sweating and enthralled. All fitness levels are catered for, we make sure everyone works at their required pace.

*All our beginners classes are run as courses.

*Please be aware you can only join or  have free trial in first two weeks of course.